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You have enough customers, so stop answering the phone!

Get the damn thing out of your hand and go back to what you are good at.   Looking after your customers.

If you got rid of your phone how many more customers could you see and help?

How many of them would be looked after with a bigger smile on your face and more enthusiasum?

How does that translate into more money in your pocket??

By allowing you to get more customers!


Almost weekly I am told that a business’ owner’s website isn’t a priority because they have plenty of clients and business.  Well done you!  But how happy are those customers, and how happy and stress free are you?

In 2016 I would hazard if your business has been around for a year or more,  you have a website.  Maybe not a good or even great website, but you have one.  But what is it doing for you?  Does it help you with any part of your business?  Or, is it just like that trendy shirt you bought on sale, that never quite fitted, and now sits in the back of the wardrobe ignored??

I then asked these business owner’s what takes up most of their time outside of seeing clients/customers?

Almost all of them said in their top 2 was answering the phone!

Do you know how to answer the phone less?  Make your website work harder for you!

Your website should be the first point of contact for new and exisiting customers.  It should be easy to find all of the important info about what you do and when you do it.

Here are the top 5 things your website should do.

1. Opening hours.  Please make these easy to find.  Right there on the homepage.  How many phone calls alone would that save?  If you keep unusual hours, keep a running calendar to show when you are in and when you are out.

2. What does it cost to do business with you?  Sure, I know some businesses are completely tailored to the customer request, but at least a ballpark?  List your most common services and a price range.  Or if you are fixed price, make that easy to find, and crystal clear.

3. What makes you worth trusting?  Do you have 10 degrees and 30 certificates prooving you are good at what you do?  Have you been a super boffin/fanboy/lover of your product your whole life so you know it like back of your hand.  Whatever qualifies you to help them, should be right there to see.  No searching, no second guessing, and no phonecalls!

4. Give your customer something they want, or don’t realise they want yet.  Can you offer some helpful tips for your industry.  Can you give a top 5 things they need to do to enjoy your services more.  Make them feel loved and wanted.  Nothing says you care more then speaking to your customer like they are a close friend.

5. Take bookings, appointments, get an email address, sell a product.. You get the idea, you want their info.  You want to be able to get in touch with them again.  You don’t even need to make this a hard sell, or strict appointment.  Leave the ownership with them.  Ask for a time that they would like to come to see you (try and make it work).  Have a product that isn’t ready yet, offer them a first look/buy when it is available.  Have great advice to give, grab their email and send them something immediately.  Engage with them.

Imagine if your website could do even 3 of those things above?  Would that mean 5 less phone calls a week and 1 more customer?  What if you did all 5, does that save you 4 hours  a week, make you happier, and bring in 3 new clients??

Today you may have more work then you can deal with.  That doesn’t mean you can’t make that work easier and more enjoyable.  Then, if you want to take those extra hours you gain in a week and turn them into customers, you can.




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