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You have 5 seconds until you lose a customer

It’s like the quickest elevator ride ever.  You managed to get them to your page, but how do you engage them in less then the time it takes to ride 1 floor?

Let’s talk about the ‘elevator pitch’ and how that could possibly help your website.

An elevator pitch is..

How you would put across your business, your idea, your project to someone if you only had an elevator ride to convince them of its worth/value.

How the heck does this relate to my website?

Your someone isn’t trapped in an elevator with you, but they will only give you a few seconds once they land on your website to convince them that you can offer them something they need/want.

This is something I talk about a lot, insuring that you engage with your visitors as soon as they get to your website.  Show them what you got, offer them something they need, and get them begging for more.  (Are there any more cliches I can get into one sentence??).

Whatever your service/product/content, you should be doing the following to present the best pitch possible.

1. Show your personality.  Bland is boring and forgettable.  Making yourself non-threatening to everyone makes you not interesting to anyone.  Whomever you are, let it shine through in your business.

2. Identify their problem.  This could be anything from providing the best advice to lose weight on alternate Tuesdays to selling green caterpillar shoes.  Whatever it is you do to solve other people’s problems make sure you shout about the reason you do it.

3. How do you solve this problem? – Offering a no nonsense approach to exercise that can be taken care of in an episode of your favourite soap once every 2 weeks, or the prefect set of shoes for the caterpillar in your life.  This is your time to grab their attention, make it truthful, but make sure it solves their problem.

4. Shout out to your target market.  This is where you want to niche.  Everyone is talking about how you make yourself valuable to a very select group, you need to make sure your site is shouting to this group.  You may even want to name them.  “Hey frustrated work at home gardeners, are you struggling to find the perfect shoes to fit your cute caterpillar companion…”

5. What makes you different? – This is an opportunity to niche even further.  Does your exercise program need no equipment, no skills, and no athletic ability?  Make sure we know it.  Are your caterpillar accessories made from organic biodegradable material… we want to know that too.

And if you are really good, take those 5 and shout them out in one brilliantly succinct statement.



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