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WooBookings Select Date First is here

I know I am not alone in wanting the functionality for Woocommerce Bookings.  This just makes logical sense, choose a date, then find out what resources are available on the date chosen.  Bookings doesn’t do this out of the box.

I have the first version of this now completed.  Please get in touch below if you want to be a test case.  This is free for now.

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I have simplified the functionality I created  for a client.   They hire mountain bikes out by the 1/2 day or full day.   This version will only work for full day bookings.  Future releases will work towards hourly bookings too.

  • 1. Select date
  • 2. Choose from available resources (this client hires bikes)

I will provide further details as this progresses, so please check back here.

If you would like to read my original post explaining how this functionality works, you can try it yourself here.


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