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Why you wanted a cheap website.

“I need it cheap.”

Oh, how that strikes fear in a professional website designer. We want to roll our eyes and switch off.

But this is why I don’t!

I’ve learned over the years that cheap doesn’t necessarily relate to the price.  That single word can be summing up your whole feeling about websites. Or web designers, or even a past mistake.

What does cheap mean to you?

  • 1. You’ve had a terrible experience with a previous website designer

  • 2. You think ‘what if nothing improves after paying 1000s for a new site?’

  • 3. Did you make a mistake previously and someone else is preventing you trying again

  • 4. Tech is scary and too complicated


Just maybe CHEAP = FEAR..

As a professional who happens to design and develop websites I sometimes forget the fear non-tech people have around what I do.  I’m sorry for not always being sympathetic, but I do try.

My job is to help mitigate your risk when I create your website.  That is, take the fear out of spending your hard fought for dollars/pounds/euros.  How do I do this?

I want to show you that investing in your website is just that, an investment.  For every penny you put into your site you should at least get double back.

That makes your website a money generator, not an expense.

I want you to know that I will be here after our work is done.  Not just for the follow up month review, but for years to come.  I try to create systems for you that will help you after the site goes out in the wild and to offer you ongoing support.

I’m not going anywhere, I’m always here to help.

Ok, so what else could cheap really be about? This is going to be the toughest one for me to counter.  The universe (and your brain) is conspiring against me.

When you were looking to build a new website, have a logo designed, make a video, review your copy, and started googling, what did you find?

$395 Web Site Design $395‎

Premium Logo Design – Logo Designs Starting at $5

Hire a Copywriter – Starting $2 /100 words

When you see these types of ads and listing enough, the idea that building a website is cheap starts to become the norm.  Humans are lazy, we have no real desire to investigate further then this.  Google says I can get this cheap, so the service must be cheap.

It seems that I have my work cut out to change your mind. CHEAP = YOU DON’T YET UNDERSTAND the VALUE of MY SERVICE

Here’s the thing, I know the value and worth of what I do but you may not.  This doesn’t mean I send you away to find your ‘cheap’ option, this means I take the time to show you.

What are a few ways I can do this?


You : “A website is just a cheap shop front.”

Response: Did you know that this ‘cheap’ shopfront can bring in a lot of new customers.  New customers means more revenue.  There is a simple value equation that if you gain X amount of leads, turn them into X amount of customers, it will create X amount of revenue.  That means your website = more money in your pocket, not less.

You : “Lots of other people can do it for $100, $300 whatever price.”

Response: I challenge you to show me your website and I will show you one thing you can implement with your business website that is unique to you.  I will not just create a new website I will show you how to engage with customers in a way that sets you apart.  My skills will create more revenue.

You : “I don’t need that service/functionality for my business.”

Response: I won’t try to force you to agree with me.  But I will take a little more time to create to understand you and your business and create solution to suit you. I will also offer to break down your new website into smaller steps.  After showing/building the first step, and you can see the value we can move onto the next. Sometimes the thought of change is scary and needs to be broken into manageable chunks.

Do you like to haggle?


Hey I get it.  Some people just don’t like to pay full whack.  No problem.

My approach would be to repackage what I do in a different way at a different price point. This could end up being the perfect way to create a bespoke solution for you too.  I’m never married to the proposal I create.

My goal is to create something that works for you not just technically but financially!

Are you testing me?

I understand this too.  You may want to see if I value my own work.  I assure you I do.

I know it’s hard to spend money on things we are not 100% sure about.  A good web designer and professional design business should be able to help take these fears away.

My first obligation to you is to make sure you know how I can help your business.  If I don’t do that, then I have done nothing to change your mind that my service is worth anything more than cheap.

When I create value for you, you will find value in my services in return.

Would you like to discuss this more?  Get in touch here.


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