do it simply asks you to NAME YOUR PRICE

Would you want a website if you knew you only
had to pay what you thought it was worth?

Why would a professional website developer offer a service like this?

Here's the reason in a nutshell..

"Cash flow is the problem with most small businesses and investment into something that you can't evaluate the payback vs outlay instantly is a difficult one."

I’m good at what I do. I’ve got great skill in seeing the big picture of what a website can do for your business, and I know how to make it happen. Yet… I need to realise that what is obvious to me may not be obvious to you, a small business owner.

I want to help but I also want to show you how a good website can create a better business for you.

My lesson – what I do will provide value.

How about we do this website now? And later you can decide what value it has given you.




You may be thinking that things are slow and I’m trying a gimmick to generate short term business. There may be a small amount of truth in that. But what I am really trying to do is find a way to connect to people through something I love to do, something that will help you.

I seriously get a buzz from helping you solve problems with your website.

Do you need a website?

Are you scared about spending more money?

Please put your details below.

Name, business, type of business, your biggest issues today.

Once the request reach 10 I will randomly select 1 of you to help. So encourage your friends to visit and put their names down.

This isn’t a template off of the shelf. This is me taking you through my full process to understand your business and create something that works specifically for you.


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