does your business get called UNCONVENTIONAL?

yoga, mountain biking, skiing, coaching, racing,
climbing, guiding, living YOUR dream

Unconventional? How often do you hear.. "But how do you make that work?"

So, unconventional huh? Have you been called this? Well, you have more then likely heard ‘ you need a real job’. But we know that’s what we are. Whether we’ve been labeled dreamers, unrealistic, or told we will end up perpetually poor, we still want to do our thing.

9 to 5, cubicles, traffic, and commutes.. yay!  

I know I've never said these things, and I suspect you haven't either.

Yet how many people in your life said... Go for it! Of course you can make a living doing that. What a great idea.

Yes, I thought so.

I love being outdoors, I love adventure, and I always thought one day I would turn my exploring into a job that pays the bills.

One day...

Yet here I am still geeking out behind my computer. And spending every spare penny I make on... wait a second, on businesses like yours!

I used to get really upset with myself that I couldn't my turn non-conformity into a job.

My life is this weird mix of tech and adventure. I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it.

Then I realised that I can and did.

I love what you do, I want you to succeed, and I have spent 10 years honing my geekiness while using and learning from businesses like yours.

I get what you do.

So that puts me in a very unique position to help you.

I know how a website, email lists, sharing/creating content, can all help make your unconventional a success. (and I know how to create, use, change all of the tech that is necessary to make it happen)

Do  you find working on your tech stuff a minefield?

Are these thoughts running through your head?

"Every time I try to I am "
update my site frustrated
create an email list confused
learn computery stuff ready to quit
create something new scared to commit

Another weird thing about me...

I like all of that stuff.  I actually find it kind of fun.

But did you see that last one???

I kind of snuck that in.

Create something new….

Turn your coaching, guiding, knowledge into a stand alone product.

Have you thought about it?

Why haven't you thought about it?

Do you feel like you should??

I can hear you now...

But I don't have time to create more events, workshops, holidays.

What if you don't have to?

Feel like talking to me about this.

Yes Please!

Whether your unconventional is nordic walking, downhill racing, or mixing several of the above together... You can make your unique business work.

And here is where my mixed-up talents come into play.  I've hired you, I've analysed you, I've even offered you feedback...I get it. I know what works, what doesn't and the reasons behind them.

Whether you build a website or teach a yoga class....

understanding clients and customers is the same whatever your unconventional is.

Talking to them like you are inside their heads will make them love you.

Giving something that they can't find anywhere else will make you a success.

what am I talking about

I call it the the 3 Steps to Making it Work!

then set to rinse and repeat...

Ok, what is this?

Get in touch.

or read on for more..



Learn what your clients/customers hopes and fears are. Not what you can do to fix them.

98% of people who need something fixed don't actually think they do.

Get in their head.


Ongoing Value

If you just offer a service you compete with every single other person offering that service.

Give your clients something valuable just for stopping by and hanging out and suddenly you become a trusted and valued friend.

Chances are you have videos, checklists, emails sent, already full of value. Now you need to use it.



Once you teach them what you know, don't let them go.

Keep engaging with them, ask questions, request feedback. Learn more about their hopes and dreams.

A repeat customer is 100x easier to engage then a new one.

If you can get these 3 things right, they become self-perpetuating.

But don't let me just tell you, let me show you. This is only the tip of the mountain.

Get in touch below and please keep coming back. I am continuing to add to my content and will be providing worksheets, guides, and lots of examples of how you can make your unconventional work.



I hope to see you on your next adventure.


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