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Nobody cares about your website.

Can you guess why that might be?

People want to know things and they want to know them quickly, so they go online. The biggest cheat sheet in the world. If its your business to provide this information, are your users getting it? If they can’t find it within the first few seconds of arriving to your site, they will leave and most likely never think of you again.

So what are most people after?

1. Contact Information

The most basic of information is your phone number and opening hours. Is this available as soon as you get to your site, on every page? Can a user on a mobile device see and use this info? Mobile users are normally out and about already and if they are looking for someone like you, they better be able to find you and get in touch quickly.

2. Research

Whether its research about a subject that you blog about, or comparison shopping by checking your prices and reviews, the internet is the main way we investigate.  This means that if you are the business providing this information, you need to make sure its easy to understand, easy to find, and obvious what it is about.

3. Ready to buy

I can’t tell you how many times I have decided I need to buy something, gone onto my local seller of x, and can’t figure out for the life of me whether they sell what I want. I then end up at Amazon and buy it there. No matter how much I want to support local business, the ease of finding what I want, and the guarantee of quick delivery normally makes my decision.

Yes, I know, we can’t compete with Amazon, but we can provide a better service for our potential customers. If I can find what I want on your site, or even a hint that you might have it, I will make the effort to visit your shop. I am more then happy to pay a slightly higher price, knowing that I can have my frying pan, bike tire, or organic flour within 20 minutes, locally. But, if I can’t find that information pretty soon after I visit you site, its goodbye from me, and most likely I will not bother to visit again. Once bitten, twice shy.

4. Impulse

Not many businesses can base their success on the impulse of shoppers or internet surfers. It normally takes a huge marketing budget to funnel people to your message and even more money to make sure that message has the ability to grab their attention. This is normally a high volume approach that is not cost effective for a small business. I wouldn’t recommend that you tailor your site to these people. Everyone talks about how to niche your business, and that is the approach I will discuss at a later date.


The bottom line is if you want to keep visitors on your site, get them to make a purchase from you, and come back again, you need to provide them with what they are looking for quickly and easily.

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