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I needed therapy, instead I took up web development!

Wait no, the therapy was first, then the web dev.  And wow are they similar!

The more I thought about this, the more it made sense.  When we are thinking about building or changing our website, there is a lot of theraputic thought that goes into it.

More then most people expect and normally discovering things we had never thought about.

With this in mind here is the list I’ve come up with so far.

a. We are trying to discover the root of the problem.  Whether its a lack of customers or no one is able to find us, we need to tease out the reason.

b. You may think the problem is one thing but when you go through (website) therapy you find out it is actually something else.

c. You probably don’t think you need help.

d. You may not see or believe that the cost justifies the means.

e. Something in your past may have put you off of the idea.

f. You don’t quite believe the person working with you is qualified to tell you what to do.

g. Once you’ve done it, you feel a surprising amount of relief.

h. You soon realise that you have to put some work in to get anything out of it.

i. You may hear things you don’t like.

j. You think that everything is good, but there is one little problem that seems to break or affect everything else.

k. You find out its important to present to the world who you actually are.

l. You come to realise that connection to other people is really important.

m. Sometimes an outsider is the best person to evaluate who you are and what you are good at.

n. It can make you a better communicator.

o. Helps you to focus on what is good about what you do.

p. You learn how to share what makes you great with the world.


A big thank you to James Altucher and his 10 ideas a day that continues to inspire me and inspired my list.


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