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How do I improve my website ranking?

This has to be the question that is asked of me most often; How do I improve my website ranking?   Closely followed by should I pay someone to move me up Google rankings..  The answer is no to that!

Google spend a lot of time, money, and resources to make sure their search engine is unbiased.  Equally, their goal is to make sure when you search, they are giving you the content that you want.  This is not decided on by the number of times you repeat a key word or phrase in your page.  You cannot cheat google!

So what can you do?  Recently a blacksmith asked me to do just that, and here is what I said..

1. Content.  You must have relevant content on what your business does, or why would people come to your site.  Avoid generic information, get specific about what you do.    I would be beneficial to have a page about techniques, a page about the equipment, a page about the history of iron work, and page about why your are passionate about what you do.  Better yet, add a blog section where you write something weekly about a project, problem, etc..

2.  Make sure your images have searchable names.   They should all have titles for google to find, that succinctly describe what the image is related to iron working.  There should be intros to the section of images whether its technique/style/use/etc.

3. Go out and interact with other websites that could relate to what you do.  Whether its other traditional crafts, other blacksmiths, festivals, suppliers, etc..  essentially go out ask quesitons of people on other websites and leave a link back to your site.  You can’t get away from it, you will need to do some groundwork (ie internet networking).  The more your web address is left around other sites that have good traffic, the more that will filter to you.  Especially if you post something that might help other people interested in blacksmithing.

Just for instance, on my first search for ‘traditional blacksmith’  this is what I get. Now you don’t have to have it look this professional that doesn’t matter to google.. but the content does.  This site does every single thing right that you should to provide a user/browser good info, and google is smart enough to see that and rank accordingly.

For you,  just replace ‘traditional blacksmith’ with whatever you are trying to do.  It could be bakeries to dolls, or career to tennis coaching; the same principles apply.


And if you happen to be in Ross on Wye, or anywhere really,  and want to know more about how to improve SEO, get in touch.

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2 responses to “How do I improve my website ranking?”

  1. Karen says:

    Wow, I didn’t know this, thank you for explaining.

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