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How do I get my site to show up on that little Google Map thingy?

It surprising that this is one of the top questions I get asked.  Luckily it is also a very easy one to answer.

1. Sign up for a Google Account.  If you have Gmail, you already have one, if not, it is simple to do, and once it is done you have access to a whole host of other Google goodies.

2. Navigate to Google My Business section by first clicking on to your dashboard icon, then clicking ‘more’.  Then scrolling midway on the page and selecting Google My Business.

dashboard my-business

3. Click on Get Onto Google.

4. Enter your business name, if Google can’t find you, then enter your details.

5.  Fill in any missing information.

6. Verify you have responsibility for the business.

7. Have Google send your verification code (phone is the quickest and easiest).

8. Enter you code.


It will take Google a week or 2 to verify the information and post your details on Google searches.  Every once in awhile, Google may have further questions to insure you are the business you say you are.  So be sure to log into your Google account and check.

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