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at Hereford Means Business Expo

Hi there.  This is Beth that you met at the Hereford Means Business Expo.  I really appreciate you taking the time to stop by.

I don’t know about you, but after HMB I was exhausted. I love to meet new people and hear about how and why they run their businesses… but going to these events is a rarity. I’m an introvert at heart and trying to be ‘on’ all of the time doesn’t work for me. I’d rather create a slow, more in-depth interaction with businesses. Where I really get to know them and what they are about.

I’m sure at some point I talked about automation for your business using your website.  Just to refresh your memory or maybe fill in some blanks, there are 3 great ways to do this.

1. Move something you do by hand now online.

Whether it’s taking appointments, bookings, or even answering the same questions over and over, let you website do it.

It doesn’t have to be nitty gritty work either..

2. Qualify your leads.

What do I mean?  Simply, take each new person that contacts you and ask a few questions through your site.  It’s a great way to filter out thosaeyou can’t help, and organise those you do into a category that should have a specific approach.  That you would help in a specific way depending on who they are.

Which takes us nicely to..

3. Set up marketing  funnels.

Once you know who’s email address you have from step 2 you can send them off on a discovery of how you can help.  You can automatically send a series of emails that can help and guide them with your services.  By organising them in 2, 3 becomes very easy.

But wait.. before we even talk about how great automation is, I always ask this.

How do you talk to your customer/clients right now?  Do they feel valued?


Did you realise that your website can be used to create a connection to people depending on how they find you or interact with you?

Take this landing page.  I wanted to make sure if anyone (that’s you) took the time to not only chat with me, take my card, and visit my site, that I would connect in a way that you might go.. Wow Beth took some time here.


Did you listen to Jason Dutton at HMB?  It really stuck in my head how THIS connects to WHAT I’m talking about.


Whether you figured it out from our conversation or my site, I build websites.  But that’s not actually what I do.  I spend my time getting to know people and their businesses so I can figure out who your customers are (or more likely who you would like them to be) and how a new website can make your current customers happier, more engaged, and ultimately spend more with you.


A new website is never about the colours you want, the number of pages you need, or even the SEO.  It is about how you talk to YOUR customers.  Can you answer these questions?

1. What problems do my customers have?

2. And. How do I solve them.


If you can’t answer these questions, you need to rethink what you are doing now.  I’ve actually lost business because I encourage people to think about this.  Am I crazy?  Maybe.. but I hope not. I want other business to succeed.

But what if you do have a good customer base, or you really know how you solve a particular problem and you need to find a way of helping more people?

Let’s revisit landing pages, like this one.

It doesn’t take much time to create a bespoke page from a meeting you’ve had, a presentation you’ve made, or an event you visited.  Taking this extra time DOES create a connection with people.  It also doesn’t have to only be a networking connection.

What if you have created a new product, a new training course, or even discovered the best 3 steps to get noticed on a dating site.  Each would benefit from a landing page.  That landing page should answer those two questions I mentioned above, a problem someone has and how you can solve it. Offer value to people about things they care about.

A landing page will create a connection with someone, because it seems like it was written for them specifically.  You begin to build a relationship before trying to do anything else.  You offer help and at the very most you ask for an email so that you can keep offering them help.

Why is this important?



If you would like to talk about some ways that your website can connect better with your customers and clients.  Let me help.

For those I’ve met at HMB I am offering a review of your current site in exchange for you email address (yes I know I have it already, but this way you are giving it freely).  Just fill in your details below.

Find out the ways you can connect better with your customers.


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