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I was 8 years old when I tried coding the first time (I loved it). I used to go home and try to write mini quiz games.. for fun! I wrote simple Basic subroutines that printed my name across the screen. Did you realise that emoticons were from the 80’s. You could print line after line of smiley faces, or one big clown face just using /, *. (, ..

Do you remember the film War Games – I am a child of the eighties… I dreamed of being like Matthew Broderick, clever enough to hack into the governments computers. This was the Reagan era… I really thought nuclear war was possible with the damn scary Russians. Well I got a floppy disk (yep the big black square that actually flopped) and decided I would prevent WWIII.  Just how many times I selected “Global Thermonuclear War” I can’t remember, but I do remember the little stomach drop everytime I typed ‘Joshua’ and my computer came back saying ‘Greetings Professor Falken”.

Oh but I digress… (happily into my childhood).

I was always great at math and science and my dad starting telling me in my teens that computer science was the degree to get. But seriously what do our parents know? My school counselor said you can’t go wrong with Engineering and some girls actually study it. To be honest, I really didn’t care what I studied. I played a lot of sports and my goal was to do that in Uni/college and I didn’t care where as long as it was a long way from home. Funnily enough I got offered 2 sports scholarships at Engineering schools one close to home and one 1000 miles away.. guess which one I chose.

I could have studied computer science in ’91, I mean I would have been there just as the internet came online to the masses (I got my first email address in ’93 which I still have today), but seriously, they would all be geeks. So into Engineering I fell. I know right, almost as many geeks but I did have 1 other girl in my classes!

Then it was tumbling into Engineering work and it paid well and it was easy and suddenly 10+ years had passed and I was bored silly. Funnily enough it was my love of sports that got me back to my love of code. I wanted cool tennis kit, I couldn’t find it where I lived, so I designed and coded my first online shop to sell it, and 10 years later I ended up here. Loving code. (I am a computer science geek!)

But my meandering life of different jobs and moving states and finally countries has set me up with some great people and business skills. I’ve run a business and failed at a business. I’ve worked for huge engineering firms and worked with everyone from the CEO to the guys on the assembly lines. I’ve learned a new sport every few years just because I love the challenge and met some amazing people along the way. All of this brought me to the point I am now.

Solving problems, creating websites that work, understanding what customers want and need, and doing it for a huge mix of interesting people.

If there is one single way to describe me, it is, ‘I like to get things done’. I work hard to make sure that what I do is what you want and need.

The real skill in creating websites that work is listening to YOU and understanding how WE can make your customers happier through your site.

Sometimes I go to a group of people I can depend on.


Graphic design, logos, branding

Without Mart Design I couldn't do what I do. His ability to visualise what customer's want and produce something innovative is something I haven't found anywhere else.

Animate or

Animation, illustration, creative

Whenever there is a creative problem I have 2 illustrator/animators that I work with. From drawings to animations their talents are obvious.

and Video


I have several talented people I have worked with. Whether you need location pictures, a video of what you do, or simple headshots. They can help.

The Communications Distillery

Content strategy and brand voice

Helen is the talent behind the Communication Distillery. Her ability to draw out who you and your business are are second to none.

Need some help deciding on who to hire, check out this post here.


If you are ready to TALK to someone who can build something that works for your business

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